Bathroom Remodel
Job Cost: $51,374
Resale Value: $32,660
Cost Recouped: 63.6%

Major Kitchen Remodel
Job Cost: $109,935
Resale Value: $69,973
Cost Recouped: 63.6%

While exterior projects are reported to recapture upwards of 95% of the money invested (think new front door, new siding, projects that boost curb appeal), it’s in the bathroom that every homeowner starts his/her day and ends his/her evening.

Last century bathtubs were 58” long. This century’s bathtubs come in 60” lengths, precipitating a change in use. Tubs are being traded out for custom-built shower bases 58” long finished out with shower shields instead of old-school bypass shower doors are one of the greatest changes in bathroom design. In larger spaces, homeowners are also including soaking tubs… sometimes within the shower enclosure.

Shower niches in the wet area of the shower allow homeowners to keep shampoos and soaps within reach. In larger shower areas, designers are using more than one niche. These niches are often highlighted by contrasting tiles, diagonal tiles vs. the horizontal or vertical tiles on the shower walls.

Consult with Set In Stone’s founder Dmytri Kalchyk regarding your master suite, kids bathroom or powder room remodeling plans. His portfolio of work will inspire you.

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