Of the Top 24 Best Kitchen Designs featured on Houzz.com, the leading design resource for ideas and products on the web, 20 were designed using white cabinetry. From traditional to transitional to contemporary in design, the winning kitchens shared bright, light, spacious and airy designs.

It seems like only yesteryear that the kitchen islands were finished in a contrasting stain or paint from the perimeter cabinetry. Sixteen of the Top 24 kitchen islands were painted white to match the perimeter cabinets.  Three were wood stained, one painted bright red and another painted White subway tile—both oversized and traditional sizes—plus white slab quartz dominated the countertops and backsplashes in these same  kitchens. Only a handful of the award-winning design

kitchen floors were tiled—the dominant flooring was light hardwood in natural and non-stained colors, not high gloss but in satin finish. Stainless steel appliances outweighed all other finishes. And the winning lighting strategy showed up in glass and chrome and solely chrome pendant lights overhanging the islands. The lights don’t go solo, two or three are always used. Crystal chandeliers are clearly on their way out having dominated the design

Homeowners remodel kitchens and bathrooms once a decade on average. That means making conscious choices in tile—one of the most permanent decisions in any kitchen design.

Set In Stone's founder Dmytri Kalchyk will make recommendations for your specific space and taste. He’s predicting that the newest trend, slab stone, will continue to gain popularity. “A slab backsplash gives a seamless appearance to the countertop area,” says Kalchyk. He recommends the color and material be consistent vs. using two different colors.

Creativity in stonework has never been more evident in kitchen designs. Take for instance the mountainous backsplash in this image. The irregular depth and sizes of the tiles contribute rich texture to this wall “art.” The irregular cut edges of the mountain peaks magnetize the eye of the onlooker. The rough finish of the backsplash and bullnose trim on the counter top is stunning juxtaposed to the same stone in a high sheen finish for the countertop surface.

Countertops, back splashes and floors aren’t monotonous anymore. Count on Set In Stone to create a unique look for your home.

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