Trending: Slab Wall to Wall

Design that speaks now, is monochromatic, a canvas of white or neutrals that is absent texture, clutter and confusion.  Not so many years ago, designers combined two-three-four type of tiles on a single shower wall. Texture and color dominated the shower walls that a decade previously were routinely 4” x 4” ceramic tiles in white or beige.

This season, the hottest trend in bathroom tiles is seamless slab marble, granite, soapstone, quartz and more.

The smooth, grout-less walls floor to ceiling make the shower stall appear to be much larger than it really measures. Absent the confusion of mosaic, glass, metal, pencil trim, and bullnose, the shower becomes a soothing surround of space to breath, just breath.

Minimizing the distraction of tile, grout, seams, there is no interruption of thought. Perfect for the spa mentality. Calm, settled, relaxed. Imagine a salt scrub with time to let it stream off your body with a ceiling mount rain shower head.

Dmytri Kalchyk and his team of expert installers at Set In Stone Colorado come away from every slab job with a sense of pride. The contemporary style and clean lines of the slab shower interiors and slab kitchen backsplashes are limitless given that slab installations are available in every type of stone we
work in.

Ask us for recommendations on implementing a slab installation on your next project.