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A timeless and classic natural stone

Marble was once limestone that achieved metamorphosis from intense pressure and high temperatures within the Earth. This altered its make-up and introduced other minerals that produce the valuable colors and veining found in Marble today. Marble is ideal for bathrooms, foyers, floors, wall cladding, and hearths. Marble has also become a very popular choice for countertops.

Due to its mineralogical makeup, marble is vulnerable to either abrasion or chemical attack. Exposure to acidic solutions such as lemon juice, tomatoes, red wine, and vinegar should be avoided. Acidic solutions can permanently etch the surface of marble. Although impregnating sealers do an excellent job of preventing stains, they do little to reduce vulnerability to acid attack.  If you are installing marble in a high traffic area such as a kitchen, in addition to a high-grade sealer, we also recommend a solution to protect against etching. These are applied by trained stone restoration professionals.



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