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Quartz stone is a top pick for any project

Not only do we offer a wide selection of granite and marble at Set in Stone, but we also provide a vast array of quartz countertops. Not only beautiful and versatile but these countertops are also made of one of the least breakable stones in nature. This makes them extremely durable—the perfect countertops for a kitchen, bathroom, or other location.

Our kitchen countertops made of quartz transform your kitchen, they will continue to look beautiful in the years to come. They have very good resistance to heat, spills, and impact from marring their surface. Additionally, our wide variety of quartz in different colors, textures, and styles, means that however you dream of remodeling or refurbishing your kitchen, you can. So, no matter what your vision is for your kitchen, bathroom, etc., there will be a quartz countertop that illuminates your design plan or meshes perfectly with the elegance already present in your home.



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